Answering Machine

by Unwanted Lamia   May 4, 2005

"Hi, it's me,
You know the routine"
"I couldn't sleep.

"You told me not call,
But I saw you w/ her at the mall.
You said you don't love me,
But you don't look happy.

"You ruined my life, you know
W/ your voice, sweet and low.
I still love you,
But I hate myself, too.

"You've forgotten your promise, too
You said, 'I love you.' "
A sob from the other line
"We had such a good time.

"Now it's the end
of time was can spend.
Together we cannot be
Because I'm beginning to see

"That if you don't care
About what I share
Then other's won't
W/o you I can't cope."

Someone is crying
"I love you!" she sighs
"I will till you die.
Forever more, good-bye."

The phone is dropped
Not hung up.
A shot rings out.
The line goes dead.

He stands there stunned
And picks up the phone.
He gets the machine
How very keen.




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