Love Brings Pain

by Lynzie   May 24, 2005

All this pain is so unreal
Please tell me how you really feel
I\'m sick and tired of this game
How i feel now isn't the same

I don\'t need anymore time
I only want you to be mine
No other girl could feel this strong
No one else could hold on this long

The wait has lasted more than a mile
To have you again it would be worth while
If we give this another chance
I will never again pass your glance

We have tried times before
Its only you that I adore
So why not give it another shot
I know that you haven\\\'t forgot

Apart we don't need to be
And i really want you to see
I now have finally realized
What i feel when I look in your eyes

I really don't know why
For me to see I had to cry
It took me a little more than a while
But in the long run Ill get to see your smile

My life with you I cant wait to see
Cause this is how we want it to be
You know it seems kind of insane
Who would of thought that....
Love Brings Pain?


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