Lasting Echo

by Unwanted Lamia   Jun 23, 2005

There's a girl in the back of the class
She sits there everyday
No one know her, not even her name
She had never anything to say

She's the girl that no on knows
She's the girl that no one cares
to even stop and hear
what she has to share

Her name is Echo

Some part of her wanted the attention
Another part loathed it all
They didn't know her
so why would they even care to call

They picked on her
they called her names
They never knew the damage
That was sheltered in the shame

She wrote poems for the newspaper
They all like them
But they were to blind to see
the shirt ripping at the hem

Everyday, going home
She'd run upstairs and lock the door,
Couldn't bear to hear,
her dad yelling at her any more

She hears the yells everyday
Crimson tears staining a blank page
they never would hear her crying
Over her dad's drunken rage

Another day, done and gone
Walking home unnoticed
Her final decision made,
A final day to live

A poem appears in her section
A last one with a note

"To everyone who hated me,
To everyone who didn't care,
To those who never knew me,
To those who never tried

I'm the girl in the back of the class
the girl who could never share
her thoughts and feelings
with anyone who cared

You always see through me
As if I'm not there
I'm the girl that doesn't matter
not even worth a tear

You'll all cry for me
As if you knew my sorrow
But in truth you never knew
That you are all so hollow

You never cared for me
I was just another blockade
I have to say I'm sorry
to those who came to my aid

They did care, and did believe
I could become someone great
I can't now, I give up!
I've just become someone you hate

So long to everyone who hated me,
So long to everyone who didn't care,
So long to those who never knew me,
So long to those who never tried

Good-bye to all,
I'll miss you so,
Though you'll not miss me,
Because you\'ll never know.


Everyone went looking
for a girl who no one knew
They didn't find out
because no one ever knew

Then on the news
the very next day
her dad broke down crying
because of all the things he could never say


*not about me


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    good poem 5/5
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    Great poem! 5/5
    Ps Thanks for the comment on my poem!