On the other Hand

by .. !!-D a R r i N-!! ..   Aug 2, 2005

While we driving cars
And rocking big gold chains around our necks
We complaining because
There were only three digits on that last check.

Mad because you won the bet
But didn't win the lottery.
What about the little boys and girls
Who are suffering from poverty?
I'll probably
Get mad if my phone bill wasn't paid.
But to those little boys and girls
In my life I got it made.

Because my sister
She’s about to go to a good college in Nova Scotia
But there are little boys and girls
Suffering and dying in Ethiopia.

And it's serious.
Yea it's sad if we lose somebody dear to us,
But those little boys and girls
Couldn’t even tell you what a family was.

God planned for us
To live here everlastingly.
But those little boys and girls
Don’t have a damn thing
For them to eat.
How can it be?
That we can lay out side in a canopy,
But those little boys and girls
Don’t have a place for them to sleep?

All I hope is that you feel
The same way that I feel
Will you think about the next time that you complain?
I know that I will.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Unforgiven Retniap doolb

    It doesn't flow that well and I think you are going to another line to fast in a way also it seems like some lines are too long and stick out...like the second to last one it doesn't fit with the rest of that stanza.

  • 15 years ago

    by Roulin

    Wat Nikki said and that i'm glad that someone can see how wrong it is to be greedy even when their receiving.
    Luv Scarlet xxxx

  • For The Longest I've Tried To Get People To Understand These Views In My Poetry...So That They Might Realize That They Should Be Greatful For What They Have And Realize Someone Out There In The World Is Going Through Worst...This Poem Couldn't Have Been Better Said...I Like The Strong Points Behind Every Poem You Write...I Rarely See People Like You Writing Poems With Meaning To Them Anymore...I'm Proud Of You Not Only As My Friend But As a Writer You Have My Respect And My Vote Of "5.0" xoxo-Nikki-xoxo