Silver eyes ...silver bane

by danie   Aug 11, 2005

My silver eyes
are the silver bane
making my cry
out in my pain
they do not see
what it has done
tearing me
up and around
this terrible world
i wish that the person i love
would just be here
just with me from
cause now I'm dying
and i don't know why
my heart inside is crying
from the pain of being the toy
that they messed with
for all they saw
was my beautiful silver eyes
that turn to my bane.
i wish that you could see
that sometimes I'm here
that sometimes I'm close
but that I'm always far
my heart cries out for you
to come rescue me
but I'm still far too
so far from them, i see
i don't know why
that day in my heart
i let you
i sort of gave you a part
and somedays i cry
for what i have not inside
but i think now
that all everyone sees
is my silvers eyes
that reflect my pain
the silver eyes
that are my silver bane.


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