The Life and Death of a Girl

by Katie   Sep 5, 2005

I'm ashamed to be the person that I am.
Afraid to look forward, stuck in the past.
Blood leaving stains on my clothes every night.
Tears continue to fall, the pain is going to last.

Searching for the truth, awaiting the morning.
Sun shining through the window, blinding her eyes.
The life of the girl that once she knew,
The death of a girl that once she cried.

Forgetting the smiles of the ones she did love.
Afraid to trust, afraid to grow, this girl was scared.
Nothing to do but bleed through the nights.
This would continue as she knew no one cared.

Running away from the hatred, living in pain.
Tearing apart her soul, breaking the heart.
Love was once all she knew.
Her hearts in two, it broke apart.

The life and death of a girl with bright, big smiles.
The hatred and pain of a girl with bloody arms and a tortured soul.
Days filled with lonely tears falling from her eyes.
Nights filled with sorrow sympathetic goodbyes, she is no longer whole.


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