To my old friend Joey Q

by Miss Ashley   Sep 29, 2005

Dear Joey Q,
You've been there for me before,
Then you left me, walked out that door.
I needed you, i was hurting really bad.
All you did was call me names, said our friendship was over,
it made me very sad.
Why you hated me, i do not know,
And now the loving friendship we once had, has grown so cold.
We've started over again and again, Promised " this time our friendship will never end".
But If you ever leave me or treat me bad once more, I swear, In your memories our friendship will ONLY exist, there will be no more chances or forgiveness.

( I don't think you realize how bad you've hurt me in the past, i really needed you in my time of need and you, weren't there. )
((( This is more of a Message than a poem)))


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  • 18 years ago

    by TheDevilHimself

    Awwww it was gud :D. ghehe. still a nice pic. Huggles ya keep writing

  • 18 years ago

    by Mandy Lou

    This is soo true for so many people! Keep writing! This is great!

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