Unrecognized love

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Sep 29, 2005

Love came to me
With its joy and happiness
Like an autumn breeze
In silent sounds
And shimmering images of your beauty
It blessed my life
With its never ending moments
I'll cherish this like I should have done
But I was deaf to its song
Blind to its beauty
Senseless when it touched my heart
I looked the other way
Afraid of the next misery moment
I looked inside the blinding darkness of my mind
Pain its only resident
A pain that was supposed to be a helping hand
In this journey called life
So now as the rain lashes on my window
And the storm whistles and blows
The love in my heart winced into its darkness
And the rain washed away the memories it held
Was it really love that burst into my heart
The world will never know
I know its seems redundant
But thats the way it goes
All I know is its a hopeless dream
But what ever the case
It was and will always be
My unrecognized love


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