Different Worlds

by RainbowSlider   Oct 2, 2005

Once we were unbreakable.
We met, shared times
and did everything together.
We were enchanted with love,
entwined with passion
and we said forever.
Then life came to us
and we shared dreams
talking all through
the night.
We were friends then
and we shared a common bond.
We raised a family and I can remember
when the doctor brought him out.
He was so red and wouldn't
stop from crying.
The doctor gave him to me
and I looked into his eyes.
He looked so much like me.
He had your eyes and he had
my nose.
We became a real family.
Then the crying and feeding and
getting up all times of the night.
We watched him grow for a while.
Then you watched him grow.
We met again and she came along.
I was there that time
and she had no color.
She was so pale and I was so worried.
The doctor cleaned her to breathe.
I held her in my arms
and she laughed.
Such times I still remember.
I had my job and you had yours.
We met like strangers in passing.
I can remember the last thing
you said.
We live in different worlds.


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