The Pact

by Hidden Meaning   Oct 9, 2005

Rays of light,breaking through gaps,
Auburn leaves swirling around,
The wind flowing through her chestnut curls,
silence smothering the thoughts in her head.

one foot in front of the other,
a steady pace of movement gathered,
determination,the fire in her eyes,
Burning pain filling her heart.

breath out in front,puffs of white smoke,
the cold penetrating her bones,
no space left with warmth,
her body was frozen solid

Turning her head, eyes darting in all directions
prickles of fear, running down her spine,
Feeling the frustration of the dark,
An envelope pasted and sealed inside.

Knowledge only causing more pain,
For most ignorance is bliss,
No one looks beyond the surface,
So no one sees that her beautiful smile is fake

Reaching the end of the path,
her hand grips the railing of the bridge,
trembling,she can feel her whole body shake,
the pact she made, she must follow through with.

Slowly she begins to climb
Two feet placed on the edge of the bar,
Tears spilling from her eyes, mini icicles that pour.

Blurred vision, she can barely see,
She wobbles slightly, shifting her feet,
Wondering how did it ever come to this,
Waiting for her reaper on a crisp October Night.

A plan thought about so often,
Leaping into the on-coming traffic,
Letting go of all that ever hurt,
Reversing time back to the ashes of death.

Only two nights ago, did she lose her Angel,
The angel that had come from grace,
Suicide had captured her,the black cloud had returned,
The pills poisoned her liver,nothing could be done to help.

Nothing she ever felt before could describe this pain,
A light inside her had been blown out,
A part of her had died that night,her hope was lost,
Her angel had returned to the soft clouds of Heaven.

A noise from behind her,
Threw her off balance,
Her toes curled and clenched to the bar,
A voice was calling for her to hold on.

Steams of tears gushing down her face,
The love of her life stood there,
His arms outstretched,
Praying for her to stay,to come back to him.

Unable to breath,she turned her head,
Looking into his eyes,she could see his pain,
As if he had already lost her,
Tears trickled down his handsome face.

Standing there on the edge,she had a choice to make,
She had to say goodbye, was all she could think,
"Your free my Angel, goodbye,I love you" was all she said,
Then moving her foot backwards, she fell...

...Into the arms of her true love,
He whispered into her ear I love you,
She lifted her head slightly,
"That's what i saw when i looked into your eyes,I love you more than anything in my life"

That night she made the hardest choice,
She managed to say goodbye,
She freed her angel, giving her wings,
Finally letting go of all pain inside.

Her grief was not yet over, she would continue to mourn,
But on that crisp October Night,
She fell asleep in her princes arms,
Feeling safety,warmth and most of all...Love.

© Copyright J.A.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Confused Angel

    Omg... i love it Jen! I was almost crying. Everything is going to be okay, great poem hunn, umm I dont really know what else to say but that's because I need sleep lol I love ya!

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