Stand still...

by Hidden Meaning   Oct 16, 2005

Screaming vibrating inside,
A never ending torment,
Breathless from the pain thats felt,
Strength formed in a web of lies.

Black dust swirling at my feet,
Slowly moving up my body,
Inch by inch,changing colour,
A girl of ashes is all thats left.

Tears of pain, running mascara,
Infected thoughts, plans made in vain,
Sharp objects becoming a relief,
Tension and control lost in the release.

Moments sparred, times apart,
Depression closed in an envelope,
The secret lives of those around,
The lies tormenting souls inside.

Blister, boiling water,
Scars from wounds deep and old,
Frozen in time, a place beyond others,
A Fortress of evil, in which we hide.

Sprawled on the ground,
The image of an insect, alone,
A beautiful freak of creation,
A mystery to the world that surrounds.

An object, just a possession,
Something to play with for amusement,
A passion for a split second,
A desire, that surely dies.

A plan, a solution for the future,
A make shift place in time,
The shadows of my past,
Haunting the memories of my future.

© Copyright J.A.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Solace

    I love it! It's amazing I love the wording that you used in all your stanzas. 5/5 none to less xx:

    *> : PainOfOne

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