Teenage Monster

by Hidden Meaning   Nov 6, 2005

Demons, haunting my every thought,
Crying out from the inside,
Praying that I could find peace,
Screaming for closure within.

Troubled, that's what they called me,
Broken, as if I need to be fixed.
Glue and cello tape, won't fill these gashes
My pain is too deep, I finally reached bone.

Alone is where I mostly am,
Consumed by all I feel,
All I see is darkness,
The light was smothered years ago.

I became my own worst nightmare,
The monster staring in my reality
A book, to write the next chapter,
My fingers trembling, as the blood fills the page.

Wretched, dirty, disgusting girl,
Tears staining my face,
Who am I, but a thing I hate,
An evil being drawing blood from my leg.

Scars that never fade,
Imprints of my past, I can never forget,
A morbid freak is what they call me,
Hatred, anger and frustration overtaking.

Days fly by, so many things I want to change,
Punishing myself with pain,
Hoping to feel something real for once,
Not just being another lonely person gone unnoticed.

Everything I ever loved, turned out to be false,
I became a lyric in a song,
A line in the poem I wrote,
Just another morbid teenager, hoping for the inevitable death.

*Written about 10 minutes ago, hope you like it*

© Copyright J.A.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Confused Angel

    I love you so much Jen that wont ever change. You're not any of that and wont ever be. I'm sorry i turned out to be false for a time there... but things will be better! i love you take care

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