by Hidden Meaning   Oct 16, 2005

The ages of lines that cross her face,
Her eyes,holding all the pain,
The memory I have, what passed,
The silent look, the silent scream.

Music of the world on mute,
The mourners are out to crow,
Paying their respects to a dead corpse,
Praying for her soul to carry on.

Looking through glazed eyes,
Images, repeating in their storybook,
Continually turning over, a new leaf,
Someone else lost, to start a fresh.

Thoughts that make no sense,
Hidden behind a curtain, wire mesh,
A defense, a cage to contain,
Bolted with chains, they lock away my heart.

The shadows become my refuge,
Hidden behind the black veil,
My evil twisted self, protected,
My voice no longer being heard.

Thunder rising in my soul,
A heart filled with hatred,
S shrill cry, repeating inside,
The cry for help, I scream.

Black nails, scratching at my gray eyes,
Removing all the dirt i see,
Trying to clean the way i feel,
Let my innocence return to me.

The raven of my dreams,
The wings of my nightmare,
Pain caressing my face,
I lie awake, as the clock ticks midnight...

© Copyright J.A.


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