Dream World

by dArKgOtHiCgIrL   Nov 12, 2005

At night I go to a whole new world,
My thoughts and the darkness together are swirled.
In this world of dreams my hopes are revealed,
Hopes that my heart will soon be healed.
I dream of a love that never ends,
With you forever, no longer just friends.
A feeling of safety with your arms around me,
Your kiss is soft and deep as the sea.
Dancing together we slowly become one,
My worries and fears are quickly undone.
In this world there is only you and I,
In dreams we will never say good-bye.
Your heart is pure and never lies,
Your perfect soul reflected in your eyes.
My hand in yours holding on forever,
A bond no one could sever.
Your lips say the words I long to hear,
Never saying the words I fear.
The words of a promise now are spoken,
The promise that will be eternally unbroken.
Flying high and free like a dove,
Wrapped up and protected by your love.
I want this world of dreams to be real,
In this world where pain I never feel.
But morning comes and so do the tears,
My heartache once again appears.
Knowing that you are not here beside me,
Please love me and set my stolen heart free.
Though you are not mine I am yours,
It seems that we are on opposite shores.
You stole my heart now give it back,
Though it is probably now shattered and black.
I know that my dream world will never be,
So now I come back to the pain of reality.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Syn

    Wish i lived in a dream world

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