The life i wish not to have...

by Ashley Arnold   Dec 6, 2005

I simile the most broken smile
To hide my true depression
So no one could see what's really going on
I don't want to have to make that huge confession
I cry myself to sleep almost every night
My heart breaks every time you and me walk that mile
That knowing I'm not with you kills me inside
This broken smile
Is the only thing keeping you
From knowing me inside and out
It's my broken smile
That keeps all my secrets about...
You cant see all my feeling
Their locked away from you
I like it that way
My broken smile
Hides all from you
It hides how I cry over you all the time
It hides my all my true feelings
Without my broken smile
You would know everything
The life I wish not to have...

The one you no least about....

*+[!]+*Ashley Arnold*+[!]+*
Please comment and vote. I want to know what you think!!! Oh Miss Fevela stop commenting on my poem please. as you can see your not wanted in my life so leave it alone please oh and why do you keep talking to me? I see you have nothing better to do. So stop being annoying please.


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  • 15 years ago

    by neejoo

    Hey, this poem is sad, but nice peom. i love it!

  • 15 years ago

    by Micaela

    Lol o well, no i have a lot of things to be doing...but o well i love annoying people i hate becuz they cant help but try and piss me off so i do the same in different ways....and its Favela you ignorant twit.....o well you never knew how to spell in the first place, and couldnt you tell from the first time i met you? i dont care what you want, as long as i get what i want ;) got it ginga:?

  • 15 years ago

    by Melissa

    Very sad, but very well written! Great poem!