by Kaitlin Kristina   Feb 23, 2006

Upon a hill, I turn around
View my path, I look far down,
I see it scattered with many mistakes,
Bridges burned, emotive lakes,
There are things I wish I could take back,
But at that point, t'was wisdom lacked.

I see fires I should put out,
I don't wish to double back,
For in myself, I have doubt.
So many thing I want to change,
So many thoughts now deranged.

The wind blows past,
I turn around, I begin to march forward,
Footsteps mark muddy ground.
Rain now falls, sun now sets,
Tragedy strikes, laments and regrets.

I move forward lonely,
For I left you behind,
I hold my hand out,
Wishing with yours t'were entwined,
Tears roll down, as I make my way,
Thinking of you, lost in dismay.

I strain to hear,
Hear your voice,
Hear your footsteps,
Pray you made the right choice.
I scream aloud, yell your name,
My love for you is all to proclaim.

You, my dear, are my biggest regret,
My biggest mistake,
That I'll never forget.
You, my love, are the one that I need,
The one that I want,
I'll surrender, concede.

Anything you want is what I'll give,
Everything in the past,
We can forgive.
There's nothing, my darling, that we can't get past
For our love will be epic,

(C) Kaitlin Kristina R.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Jack

    Hey u prolly havent talked to or heard of me in a long time but its me, jack, i was just reading through ur poems for the first time in a long time and their still as good as ever, talk to u later, jaxson

  • 14 years ago

    by Robert Gardiner

    Heartfelt, Raw, Honest, and Really Nicely Penned!!!

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