Your soul is breathing

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Apr 10, 2006

I can feel you slowly
breathing life into my soul.
your mystic magic is creeping into my essence
gradually filling my hearts empty hole.
with every beat of my heart,
I can feel yours entwining with my own
together they strike as one.
assuring me I'm not alone
with each and every smile
I feel as if happiness was meant for me
I'm not too sure about where I'm going
but I feel like I'm where I'm meant to be.
no other words can explain it
you are the air that I breathe
you would never stop blushing
if you could see what I perceive
the one whose tender voice makes my spirit soar
every night my heart wanders aim-fully
until it finds yours
soulless and lost
thoughts left to ponder
its on a search for relief
so towards you it wanders
and i wish upon a shining star
for you to sleep soundly by my side
give me a time and a place
I'll be waiting with arms wide
listening to your heart beat against my ear
her strength in me negates all fear
so i close my eyes and remember your sweet kiss
imagine me holding you with untainted bliss.
and i would never wish for anything less
then to just hear the silent whisper
of "i love you" in your breath


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