Life Long memories

by David   May 5, 2006

Reminiscing school times, bringing memories back to life,
Looking forward to the last day,
not given second thoughts twice,
Before I go, my separate way, and take the journey through,
Let me introduce the moments, the jokes, we had, our crew;

Software, hardware, DFDs,
teaching kids high on Es,
Magazines, books, year 99,
its 2006, Eales lost in time,
2 years from a Robot,
like drowning our sorrows,
A double with Folley,
there werent no tomorrow;

The letter, our petition,
a new teacher our vision,
More chance getting someone, outta death row prison,
Shut up,
But i need some help,
Get on with it son and do it yourself;

Chicago town pizzas,
microwave food,
forget the coursework,
we were screwed,
Back at 5.00, 5.15 break,
mouse breaker, last time,
the downfall the mistake,
Simple games, with simple brains, getting top score, was my top aim;

Running on tables,
getting teachers stressed,
basketball after school,
revision what a mess
Fly kicking lockers,
banging our heads,
the stuff we did, the shit we said;
Different girls, tapping that,
crack heads,
without the smack;
Room of truth, Room 54,
the one where Louis,
broke in through the door;

Roulette on the daily,
quids on the colours,
Joe did a sick 1,
double zero covered,
Endless parties, endless drinks, pissed by a pint, no time to think,
Remember the dog track,
Remember Southend,
Double free on Friday,
buffet for ten,
Remember these moments,
I will never forget,l
look back and laugh,
feeling no regrets.

A lot of you guys will not understand a lot of this and think what Im I talking about. But for all my school mates, you know that Im talking about. Peace out!


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  • 14 years ago

    by Jennifer

    Good poem on many memories you have shared and its nice to have them...:) i think you did really good rhyming and expressing your memories at the same time...its very good and thanks for your comment :D