Living a childhood dream

by Joyce Duboise   May 25, 2006

Dancing in the moonlight,

Standing on a mountain,

Waiting for the next night,

To run with the wind.

Riding ocean waves,

Swimming in a calm stream,

Running through a forest,

Living a childhood dream.

Kissing in the rain,

Holding your one true love,

Dreaming of forever,

Believing in heavens above.

Holding hands along a beach,

Crying only happy tears,

Strolling through a park,

And forgetting all your fears.

Bathing in the candlelight,

Wishing upon a star,

Watching an eagle fly,

Fireflies in a jar.

Sighing at the sunset,

Seeing your eyes gleam,

Memories are happier times,

When living a childhhod dream.


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