Ill miss you

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Jun 28, 2006

Life was defined as a mistake
by god himself
but your my only reason for living
the bible is dusty sitting on the shelf

if life has no meaning
why is it when I'm near you
that I'm living for you
and thats will always be true

i love you more then
words can express
feelings so strong
so hard to suppress

during the day
I feel like I'm in hell
but the sound of your voice
brings me out of my shell

right by your side
is my designated place
I can tell when somethings wrong
by the look on your face

but I couldn't put a price
on your body and heart
but when I'm not with you
my heart is torn apart

the feeling I get when I kiss you
can be described as bliss
and if I had to die right now
its you I will miss


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