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She occasionally gets moments of inspiration, although she complains that they are very infrequent. She also complains that her poetry is very bad, and that she needs many many comments. She also complains that life is not fair, but that she is too generally happy to complain about much. She thinks she is pretty boring, and most people agree. She also makes up new words to describe her mood, such as eeklesnoof. oh, and she also enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

She would like to thank all the people who have commented on her poems and says "you are all wonderful. i love you all *hugs* "

She recommends the reading of Sweetenigma, Silver wolf (aka Fig), Seyella and Lone Wanderer's poetry, as well as Eden, whose poetry is the most articulate she has ever had the pleasure of reading, and which also makes her want to stand upon a table and scream the beautiful words out to the whole world (in a similar to which she already screams, sings, recites and LOVES seyella's poems). All the poetry is fabtabulous and they are wonderful people.

She would also like to hug everyone that reads her poetry and gives cookies to all those that comment.

And last but not least, she promises her poetry will be less depressive now her life is *hopefully* getting a bit more cheerfull and less death-filled.

*throws confetti*

Ok, these poems get more and more obscure. I apologise.

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  • I wish I could cure you, I do,
    But it seems more like...

  • This knowledge that I have
    Seems more like a secret I'm keeping...

  • One day the future will become the past, and then...
    It seems that past can't be forgotten as easily as...

  • Feet slowly pace
    Along the high edge of the roof...

  • Sour (2)

    Numb and alone in my world
    So sheltered yet reckless it hurts...

Latest Quotes By Strange Angel

  • P.S. I love you.

    17 years ago
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  • Let the poets cry themselves to sleep

    Poison Oak, by Bright Eyes.

    17 years ago
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  • Another day and another scar will fade, but another scar will take this one's place.

    Tom McRae- Packing for the crash.

    17 years ago
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