Bathroom Lies and Secrets

by Grace   Sep 28, 2006

Sitting on the sink
looking at the monster in the mirror
its cold and you\'re starting to get pale
your veins slowly get more visible
it crosses your mind but you try to shake it out
cmon now dont think about the bad
keep your head up like he says
it\'s just you cant help but to think it
you havent cut in a month or so
but you\'ll always be a cutter
dont give up now
you stare at your wrist and the tears begin to flow
its hard to leave it alone
the thoughts wont disappear
then suddenly everything starts to get better
all you can do is sit there and weep
you know you didnt overcome this yourself
so go on, thank him
for everything hes done for you
he\'s the reason you\'re still alive.

**I love you Michael and I owe you the life that you saved and now cherish**


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