You sorry son of a b i t c h

by Grace   Oct 2, 2006

**I\'m dedicating this to my ex-boyfriend John...hope you like it Johnny Poo**

I found you 3 days before your birthday,
I found you in the weirdest way.
We started to date even though it was online,
Then you called me which I thought was fine.
We then got to meet face to face,
Both surprised my parents let you in their place.
I fell in love the moment you kissed me,
Was it true love? dear god it must be!
You made that long drive week after week,
Bought me so much stuff and banged me so hard I could barely speak.
It was so wonderful and great for the longest,
We wouldn\'t break because our love was strongest.
Then we got caught doing bad things and such,
You had to sneak down and I couldn\'t see you that much.
Thats when you just stopped coming around,
You weren\'t at home and could never be found.
I thought things were still somewhat good,
But thats when I found out you were running in the hood.
You had promised me John that you wouldn\'t go back,
What's happening to you? pick up your slack.
I guess I had become blind and couldn\'t see,
Everyone had already said that you were no good for me.
Then it all happened with a single phone call,
My life my love I had just lost it all.
You said that you were gone off ecstasy,
And the 15 year old wh0re in the back screamed that you cheated on me.
I didn\'t believe it I wouldn\'t I cant,
Shutup you ashhole stop with this rant.
I cried and screamed and cried again,
Wanting to kill myself right there and then.
It took a long time but I realized everyone had been right,
I had to move on stop trying to win this hopeless fight.
Continuing to hurt for far too long,
I began to teach myself how to be strong.
Now I wish you could just see me here today,
I\'m so happy you\'re not here that I could get away.
Proud of myself that I\'m doing better without you,
You cant hold me back now from doing what I love and need to do.
But John I have one more thing to say,
Just one before I send you on your merry way.
I got me a new man who I know will treat me right,
So think about that while you\'re in rehab shaking and crying from fright!

**This man ruined my life before I could see it. so to all females out there...just because he buys you expensive things and talks sweet to you and is good in bed, he may not be the one for you. I found the one after his sorry ash and I couldn\'t be happier. But I still cry from all the pain in the memories that have been burned into my mind. Just be careful everyone and choose wisely, please don\'t let this happen to you.**

p.s. He was the reason I started cutting again after being clean for 4 months


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