One by one

by blindedxxbyxxlove   Mar 22, 2007

These eyes once filled with happiness
Are now blurred with tears of pain
The eyes that once looked into my world
Now find that nothing is the same

These hands that once held onto yours
Reach out for something no longer there
They long to hold you close again
But they're swaying helplessly in the air

These feet long to run to you
But they don't know which way to turn
They use to just follow your trail
But you left it deserted and burned

This voice that use to say you name
Can no longer make a sound
For I called for you so many times
But you were nowhere to be found

This mind that thought of nothing but you
Doesn't know how to get you back
Its been running non-stop for far to long
It'll probably never get back on track

This broken heart is my last chance
To get things back to the way they should be
They way they were before you left
When it was only you and me


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