Till Death Do Us Part

by blindedxxbyxxlove   Mar 26, 2007

A love was lost, a heart was broke
A flame,extinguished, lies were spoke

The love of her life, the man she adored
The two of them, together no more

The endless nights crying, deprived of sleep
She'll find a way to be with him, no more will she weep

Her plan was perfect, now he would see
They were meant for each other, together they will be

As she thinks of the memories they shared
She walks through the shadows, now he'll care

With creaky floors and squeaky shoes
His alarm goes off, she hits the snooze

As he awakes, he tries to scream
Silenced by tape, this is no dream

She watches him struggle, she watches him squirm
She taught him his lesson, maybe he'll learn

She caresses his neck, then slits his throat
She watches him bleed and hears him coke

Grabbin the posin, together they made
She drinks it all, they cant be saved

She leans over and kisses his cheek
Her heart stops beating, her stomach grows weak

She takes his hand and falls on the bed
Till death do us part, just like he once said...

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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Goth marionette

    That was awesome...ur poem is really touchable,I felt it is like a fairytale...that is why i liked it so much...keep it up..good job:)

  • 13 years ago

    by Zach Armitage

    Oh wow. very cool. a i love the parady of romeo and juliet youve included, a dark side of unrequited love that is often over looked. honestly. not all the poems people put on this website are great. but yours deserves the five i gave it.