A poem he'd never get to read

by Just That Girl   Apr 4, 2007

I tried to find a word describing my feelings for him
Was is a silly crush, an addiction, love, lust, or simply an obsession
I looked in every dictionary and every thesaurus I owned
But I never found the perfect word for my emotions
For words cannot illustrate these feelings I experience when I see him walk by

I struggle to open an innocent conversation with him
It is because every time I see him I forget how to breathe,
My heart is slamming against my ribs,
And my mind is racing for I cannot think of anything to say
But the thing is I memorized my lines and now I have forgotten them

He has this smile that could break a girl's heart
Eyes that I could get lost in and never find my way out
He has this hair that I wish I could run my fingers through
Lips that make me want to kiss him senseless
He is the only one that could make me feel this way

I was not supposed to fall for him
But the thing is I fell harder for him than anyone I ever fell for
I fell helplessly, hopelessly, desperately, head over heals in love with him
There is something about that smile of his that made my heart skip a beat
And something about those hazel eyes of his that took my breath away

So now I am crazy (head over heals) in love
It is just that he does not feel for me what I feel for him
And he does not love me the way I love him
So now I am stuck in this marry-go-round called love
And I cannot bring my self to head to the exist door

Dedicate to my crush..


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  • 11 years ago

    by Cara

    I really liked the ideas of this one and the emotion in it.
    although, i did think that it lacked a few poetic devices, but please dont take that as, i didnt like the poem, because i did.
    you had amazing stand out lines in it. you just need to link them with maybe some rhyming, or if that isnt your style, a bit more of imagery or metaphors or even just adjust the syllables a bit.
    but overall, great poem.

  • 12 years ago

    by halie

    Wow amazing poem
    you did a great job on it
    i can relate and im sure almost everyone else can too,
    just wow lol
    great poem,
    keep writing


  • 12 years ago

    by desperately needing you

    OMG this is totally me
    i love the poem

  • 12 years ago

    by LiNa

    I'm in lovw with this poem i cannot tell you how great it is... it makes me feel good . i hope you get this guy ....i feel the same way with sumone and it's like they hold ur heart in there hands but they dont even know it.haha but i think you should give him this poem i really do, it will show him how much you really care the worst he could do is laugh.

  • 12 years ago

    by K3LS3Y

    Wow, thatt was really really good!!! i know exactly how that feeling is. great job!!! :-)