My best friend

by ilu   Jul 1, 2007

My best friend
always ready to help
always ready to wipe
all the tears that will flow
they always know whats wrong
always there to sing my song
being there in times of failure
with them I'm safe for sure
a shoulder whom i can lean on
saying " don't cry from now on"
friends that are always the best
truly they're no.1 among the rest
my clowns to cheer me up
whenever I'm feeling down
turn hateful frowns into smile
my cure for all the sad while
support that will never wilt
no one can replace it
laughters that will never end
no one can take it
memories that will never fade
forever i will going to cherish
my friends,
i really miss you a lot
hope you'll be OK
hoping to see you soon...


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