The ashes of me

by elana   Jul 8, 2007

The Ashes of Me by elana

Dont dampen the little spirit that I have left,
its the only thing that hasnt died out, well at least not yet.
Everything else has faded away and is now no more then ash,
the flickering flames turned to coal much to fast.
To fast for me to stop it, or even realize,
my life is dropping now right before my eyes.
I want to reach out and grab it before its to late,
but I dont want to get burned by the deadly flames.
Fear is overcoming the passion I need to keep,
every night I cry, these solid tears I weep.
My body starts to shake and then becomes numb,
the process to which my spirit is taken has already been done.
What happens when the last moments of your life is not what you want them to be,
when all your love is taken leaving you scarred and weak.
When right then you have to stay strong,
but you cant since all your hope is now gone.
Like glass shattered against your body going so deep,
the shards left inside you, they sting so bad you cant even breathe.
What happens when time runs out and there is no more left to waste,
when the time given has ended and you cannot be saved.
When time passes and you discover what you couldnt see,
it is then that youll uncover
the ashes left of me.


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