Falling Apart

by elana   Jul 8, 2007

I cut myself almost everyday.
It relieves me from the pain.
The pain tearing me apart inside.
The pain that causes all these tears I cry.
I watch the blood trickle from my skin.
Its left scars that I can still feel within.
No Im not all right, Im not okay.
This pain in my heart is here to stay.
I slide the razor blade across my wrist.
Even when I smile my hand is clenched into a fist.
Ive been going on now for quite a while,
But the whole time Ive faced it all with tears and a fake smile.
Here I am dieing on the inside.
If I swore I was okay I swear I lied
You look into my eyes but you cant see my heart.
You may think Im okay but Im falling apart.


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