Save me

by elana   Jul 8, 2007

This smile is fake
Its plastered to my face.
I use it as a shield to hide
The sickening pain I feel inside.

I wish I could tell someone my deep dark secret
But I have no one to tell who will keep it.
The truth is I've never fallen so hard
Everytime I've been ripped apart it has left me scarred
Across my heart

I'm trying to find a way to slowly piece myself back together.
I might give up because it feels like its taking forever.
I try to prepare my heart to be shattered
But in the end its not like any of my effort even mattered.

My face is stained from the tears that I cry.
My strength is gone after how hard I've tried.
I need someone to come save me from this disatser.
Everyday it aches and my heart starts sinking faster.


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