She keeps holding on

by elana   Jul 11, 2007

Even when everything crashes down
she forces a smile across her face.
Even when her world is spinning around
happieness is what she continues to chase.
Even when she looks up but can't see the light
she pulls the strength from her heart and holds on tight.
Even when she's feeling like she has nothing to live for
she keeps her grip although her heart is cold and sore.
Even though nobody ever questions her pain
she acts happy and pretends shes okay.
Even when she prays to the angels and they dont answer
she keeps praying hoping oneday they'll help her.
Even when it feels like her heart cant break anymore then it already has
she finds a way to make her hope last.
Even though the devil tries to break her
this girl will never give in to the pain that tries to take her.
She'll stay strong and keep holding on.
Even after all the pain she's been through
she'll never break down like you want her to.
In the end she'll walk away
with a real smile spread across her face...


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