Longing Senses

by Brittney   Aug 7, 2007

I long to feel your touch
Your breath upon my skin
(Everytime you touch me
I feel it deep within)

I long to see your smile
The sparkle in your eyes
(Awaiting the day anxiously
When there are know more good-byes)

I long to hear your laugh
The serenity in your voice
(Reassuring me that you'll never leave
Giving cause for such happy rejoice)

I long to taste your kisses
So delicate and so sweet
(With your body pressed close to mine
I can feel your rhythmic heart beat)

I long to smell your cologne
Your very own scent
(Needing to be next to you
to be released from this torment)

Always wanting to be with you
Never wanting to be apart
I guess thats what I get though
for loving you, sweetheart.


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  • 14 years ago

    by XXTruthSeekerXX

    For some reason, this poem strikes me as a song...it could become lyrics. Very sweet poem!

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