The Little Things

by Light A Way   Oct 14, 2007

I don't think you even realize,
How easily you can make me smile,
The way you gently kiss my lips,
The way your fingers entangle with mine

That soft smile you always wear,
Makes me all warm inside,
The joy you bring into my life,
Let's me know your really here

Your here and I can't even imagine,
What I'd do if you weren't,
Life would have no meaning,
Nothing would matter

The stars wouldn't shine as bright,
The sun wouldn't be as warm,
The rain wouldn't taste as sweet,
Without you, I'd be nothing

Your voice whispered in my ear,
In the middle of the night,
Your touch on my face,
Every minute of everyday

Your fingers wiping away my tears,
And tracing my lips so careful,
Your arms wrapping me in a hug,
Telling me it's alright

Those are only a few,
Of the little things you do,
And the things you say,
That bring a smile to my face


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