Forever More

by Light A Way   Nov 20, 2007

Soft, warm hands,
Hold my own,
Wrapping each finger,
Tightly around mine

Sincere, breathtaking eyes,
Keep me in a trance,
Moving so very slightly,
Yet still keeping my gaze

Locked up under a spell,
One I can't undo,
Pulled closer to a guy,
Who is unlike any

The stars tell our story,
Whenever were under them,
The moon plays our song,
Always throughout the night

Watching each sunset,
And each sunrise,
With you by my side,
What more could I need?

Immense feelings overcome me,
Just thinking about you,
A smile crosses my face,
Hearing your sweet voice

Each day I'm with you,
I love you even more,
My heart belongs to you,
Now and forever more


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