Confession Of A Self Mutilating Satanic Lesbian Poet

by Alyssa Lauren LaVelle   Nov 27, 2007

Im hurting inside and though no ones watching Im dying inside
Im crying outside banging on the locked door to my heart
Im bleeding in time to the death marching band
And Im sorry I tried . . . sorry I lied . . . sorry I died
There is no god and there is no heaven, and I dont believe
That there is life after death because I am lying here dying here
Trying to make you see what I see, feel what I feel
Cold metal on warm flesh, tools of the trade
But only for the very best . . . only for the ones whoâ??ve got nothing left
Ive got nothing left, got nothing inside thatll do the world good
So theres blood coating my wrists, my chest, my face
My eyes are glazed with the remnants of hate
And this is the end, I feel no regret
I just wish . . . I wish I couldve belonged, for just one moment.


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  • This was a really powerful, real, emotive peice...well


  • 12 years ago

    by neo

    Perfection, i follow the dark one, and bleed every night for him to guide me

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