by Alyssa Lauren LaVelle   Nov 27, 2007

Tied down by broken promises
cast aside by sideways lies
a swinging body on a bloody noose
tired of being the one to choose
between life and death
swinging rope or cyanide
a razor blade to be in on the times
arsenic and chilled pearls
your porcelain dolls done up in curls
too bad my dress lies ripped and torn
and bruised eyes seem so forlorn
a bottle of pills, a bullet that smiles
a cross to bear these heavy miles
eyes that cry and hearts that lie
and this doll lies silent in her grave
there is no soul left for God to save.


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  • 12 years ago

    by pookiengurgi

    There's always a soul left for God to save,we just have to hold our hope and keep the faith.Very graphic poem,but to a lot of people..this is their life.It's way sad,and you just have a talent of relating to them.keep it up