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Well to start off with i was born 12/23/90 (in case i forget to update my age) I am the proud mother of a very beautiful baby boy he is literally my world. He understands me at times when even i dont.

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Latest Poems By unbelievable life

  • The way my name slips
    Over your lips...

  • The smile that lit the room
    Was slowly fading...

  • I feel so numb, wishing i didn't, i want to grab...
    ©Angel Wellesley...

  • Her shaky hands
    The quiver of her voice...

  • Why

    You can see the hurt in her
    Blood red eyes...

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  • Why is it that no matter how hard you try or want something to work something happens to make things change maybe for the better but at that moment that second in time it feels like the worst thing ever..
    ©Angel Wellesley

    14 years ago
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  • If I died would you notice?
    What about if I cried?
    Would you hear it in my voice?
    If that is so then why didnt you when I needed you to the most?
    ©Angel Wellesley

    14 years ago
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  • Dear god,
    i love him for life
    i love him forever
    please let me and him forever be together
    ©Angel Wellesley

    15 years ago
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