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hey! For all of you that that know me as Rachel my real names Julieanne but my friends call me Jay and cause of my webby it all got confusing me using my middle name as my name so yeah i changed it :D so i think some quotes will be under rachel and my poems will hopefully be under Jay i'm not sure :P

umm.. I love surfing, and music, and writing and i hope you read my poems and give me some feedback, would be much appreciated!!

I love matthew.

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  • It hurts more, knowing i never had you to lose.

    13 years ago
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  • And even after everytime you've cheated, and every lie you've told..I still love you.
    "Don't look back in anger" I heard you say..

    13 years ago
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  • All I want to do is look at you,
    And know I’m ok...

    14 years ago
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