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Hello, my names Katie, AKA Shell,

Please rate n comment on my poems if you can! Even if you dont like um, I've only started really writtin poems when i joined this site... i did it occasionally before.
I think it just helps to get stuff off ya mind.
There's so many talented peeps on here.

thanks babes

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  • Play your guitar and look into my eyes
    Watch me melt as your plectrum flies...

  • I help lift you when you're feeling down
    I will find a way to erase your frown...

  • This is a message that I wrote when my mums best...
    Dear friend...

  • I don't think this poem puts the point across of...
    Thanks alot, katie x x x...

  • I know this is rubbish, just feeling like I needed...
    please rate and/or comment. thank you x...

Latest Quotes By XKt_ShellyX

  • My head feels dizzy when you kiss me that way
    I hold on to you tight so I dont float away

    15 years ago
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  • The scars wont leave, their layers are to deep, to much stress to relieve, so again the scars will seep.

    From one of my poems, check um out!

    15 years ago
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  • I would stop eating chocolate.. but I'm not a quitter!

    15 years ago
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