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I have been writing poetry since the seventh grade and it is evident in the completely awful and embarrassing poems that I Have in my collection. However, I have grown since then and now, all the poems worth reading are featured or newly added...the ones that are obviously extremely immature...those are from middle school and early high school and even from senior year. I couldn't make a new account so I have to keep them both together. However, now you can view my progress over the last decade :)

Break down the metaphor and you will find me.

Love always,

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  • Life is Ironic.

    14 years ago
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  • Life is both terrible and beautiful. Live for those beautiful moments and be fervent and strong through those times which are terrible for they are innevitable.

    14 years ago
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  • To us...
    love and crushes are drugs!
    think about it...
    dream about it...
    question it...
    crave it...
    wonder about it...
    "sleep on it"...
    and live for it

    16 years ago
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