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Ok, so, I am ridiculously depressed for half the time while ludicrously happy for the other half, although I appear to the unsuspecting eye to be happy 100%. It is in the half that I feel horribly alone, scared and just plain miserable that I write most of my stuff, apart from the stuff about my lovely boyfriend nicholas who I love dearly. I would love for you all to read and comment on my stuff, as it makes my day to day life that bit better. Thanks, and I would just like to mention stabbylou and emma cos they are greatest friends a girl could ever had, love you guys !! xx

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  • I sit here in this room of fairy lights
    In between a pair of squabbling friends...

  • The water caresses the land while above it
    The cliffs brush fingers with the sky...

  • Flashbacks.

  • Immense amounts of pain that I feel crashing,
    Wave upon wave...

  • Everything's changing and it hurts me inside
    Years of this measured in tears that I've cried...

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  • Gone but not forgotten; You're in the stars and in our hearts.

    15 years ago
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  • There's nothing to say except you'll be missed but not forgotten. There's nothing to do except watch for you in the stars and live our lives.

    ~ Written after a friend was killed in a road accident ~

    15 years ago
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