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(Ya'll know me as Raihne or Hillary my account was deleted )

I watch out for my friends but only get run over in the road chasing after them
This is a different side of me if u ever really met you would believe it was me but it is and that is all that really maters

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Latest Poems By HighPerfection

  • I am not broken
    I am too bent one to many dents...

  • Never knowing when the fear will fade
    That permanently scarred my every thought...

  • You shattered me
    Your final kiss sealed my lips...

  • A boy who cared had concern when he saw the scars
    Wiped away the tears before they ever fell...

  • I step into the outside
    Only to be kicked and shoved...

Latest Quotes By HighPerfection

  • Do you ever think that maybe life isnt all that its cut out to be

    (c)Hillary Dorsey 2005

    14 years ago
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  • Under One Sky We Can Remember That Were In This World Together

    (c)Hillary Dorsey

    14 years ago
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  • There is a place were blood ends
    Were the vein begins
    And when both have run dry
    You die
    Then your declared a suicide

    (C)Hillary Dorsey 2005

    15 years ago
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