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I'm pretty up-beat, I have a few suicide poems, everyone probably does. I'm not into the whole rateing without a comment thing. I enjoy constructive criticism, as long as you're not an ass about it.

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Latest Poems By Death By Stereo

  • We've come clean.
    We've cashed in all our demons...

  • Faces (4)

    My pen has been stuck in the off position
    moving across the paper, nothing comes out...

  • The pain shoots threw our hands
    up our arms, gives us cold chills...

  • A bottomless pit of unstable feelings-
    that would be my stomach aching...

  • I searched you out so I could tell
    you all about my recent hell...

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  • "To me it's not about the pain I felt, or feel while writing, it's about the freedom of expression and the fact that within that page, nothing else matters and all feeling goes away."


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