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i'm the awkward guy who does everything wrong.
maybe once in a great while i would say something that fits perfectly but dont count on it.
i grew up in ohio and indiana. my mom raised me by herself till i was ten. then she married a abusive alcholic. i have a dad who only cares about money and peace.
i'm homeless.
my parents wont let me stay at there house cause my stepdad said that if i do he'd start drinking againe.
my hearts desire is to have restoration in my family, and to throw away the shit thats been happening.
when i cant do anything to help them i feel useless.
this is why i care so much for the fatherless, i want to have a youth ministry. there's not enough where i'm from, and when i was down i was left to myself to make ends meet.
i just wish that we could all set aside our differences, and stop the pushing, the dividing. everything that causes discord.
it's so useless when we do this.

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