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  • I knew a lot of guys
    Heard a thousand lies...

  • ** This poem isn't exactly about a lost...
    I'm living my life determined to remain on the...

  • **This poem is dedicated to one of my best...
    In your life a new gate has opened...

  • You were my greatest love
    In my heart, you were always passed above...

  • As I close my eyes and move closer to his lips
    As he hugs me tightly, and squeezes my hips...

Latest Quotes By Boogie

  • My friends were right, my dreams were true
    For i really was nothing but a b**ch to you!

    15 years ago
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  • Valentines Day
    Just another depressing lonely day
    To remind me how miserable I am in life
    And how every guy I loved imprisoned me with a permanent strife

    15 years ago
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  • I hoped for the perfect guy to someday come along
    For a while I thought that guy was you, but I guess I was wrong

    15 years ago
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