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My passion is writing. Poetry, short stories, books, anything. I live in Los Angeles... the city of lost angels. And Life is not easy here, as anywhere. I have deep red hair, hazel-green eyes, and pale skin. (sounds gothic i know) Currently single and loving it! I recently moved to Chicago, figured I would start anew. Strange people here, but still, the night is the best time. I live in the heart of the city and every night I go out and "experience" life. It's fun and it keeps me occupied. I hope you enjoy my poems, i know i'll enjoy yours, thanks.

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  • Age : 19
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  • Country : USA, Illinois
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Latest Poems By Genevieve

  • Today,

  • I woke up this morning,
    to the sound of a phone call...

  • Today,
    I lost all good...

  • I wonder how it would be,
    To return to the beginning...

  • I walk the world to day,
    Discovering life and what it means to me...

Latest Quotes By Genevieve

  • Innocence,
    to me,
    Is not an absence of experience,
    but merely an absence of illusion.

    16 years ago
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  • In the depths of darkness,
    There are two ways to spred light;
    To be the candle,
    Or the mirror that reflects it.

    16 years ago
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  • Life is made up of a series of moments,
    It;s what you choose to do with those moments that determines the person you will become.

    16 years ago
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