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i am arunima from india. i have been writing poems ever since i was 13 so its been almost 10 years. i would love to share my poems with you. i have come across such beautiful poems here and it feels nice to be a part of this fraternity.

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  • A solemn dream and I land beneath its wonder,
    Your silent, soft smile running through my veins...

  • Behind that one soul, traversed a world I have,
    No, its not long enough but only one moment of...

  • How could I even think to go away,
    When my love presses me to stay...

  • A hot summer noon, the sun reluctant to let up the...
    Scorching weather, humid day, the curtains fell...

  • The rain drops fall over my face, concealing the...
    No, I am not afraid anymore of anyone, seeing...

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  • To live your life on the fringe of safety is like living on a ventilator. better take a risk and breathe by yourself!

    14 years ago
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  • Perfection is like a mirage; just an illusion. it doesn't exist..!

    14 years ago
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  • Truth is nothing more than a pile of contradictions!

    14 years ago
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