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I'm here to improve on my poetry. So I like crtique.

Also, I use rhymes in my poems, so if you don't like rhyme, then read at your own risk.

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  • I made my job a secret,
    I made sure no one told...

  • Inspired by a picture I saw on DeviantARTdotcom.
    edit 10/16-- changed an adjective to a better one...

  • I love this ice cream, I absolutely do.
    My head tells me to stop, but my heart will not go...

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  • Although blood may be thicker than water, water tastes better than blood.

    13 years ago
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  • Is the cup half-full or half-empty? Well, my cup started out full, but then it got a crack and now it's almost gone.

    13 years ago
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  • The government knows who took the cookie from the cookie jar, but they lied to the public about who really took the cookie. The public knows they are lying, but they don't really know who took it, so they claim Bush took the cookie from the cookie jar.

    13 years ago
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