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Hey...,I'm 14 years old, and i'm a girl from Cali!!!....I Love to write poetry when i just feel like all my emotions built up inside me and it allows me to spill how i'm feeling on paper.Other than writing i love to just hang out with my friends and have fun!!:):):) O and i almost forgot...i am in LOVE with the bestest guy he in the world...he is my everything and he means the world to me<3...i love u baby!!!

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  • Age : 14
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  • Country : USA, California
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Latest Poems By xxbabigrrlxx

  • Weapons spill from ur mouth
    whipping me across the face...

  • Strangle me!
    slit the knife along my throat...

  • I hide my tears under a smile
    Breaking hearts is so vile...

  • It's like you're a drug
    It's like you're hell's dark angel from the inner...

  • Yelling,screaming,gasps of breath echo through the...
    you lie there on your bedroom floor with black...

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  • Why r people thriving to live???.....when trying to hold on to living is just afflicting pain on ur being just so u can suffer...

    13 years ago
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  • Take me 2 a place where i can lay at rest....yet peace is only a shadow of death.....

    13 years ago
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  • My heart is dry
    I want to die
    Don't want to live another day
    NO longer want to cry
    my final breath is at bay

    13 years ago
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