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here's to the future, cause i'm done with the past... so it's actually very simple.

Jennifer Leigh.

older sister. only daughter.
blue eyes. now brown haired.
end of financial year baby.
44 days and it's all over.
crew trainer at maccas.
the best friend means more then everything.
sorry boys. your too late. im with him now.
thanks for talking about me.
glad to know im the center of your world.
p plate driver. watch out.
2008. currently the perfect year.
so heres to the future...
cause tomorrow comes too soon but todays too late.

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  • A year ago today we met
    Short conversations on the net...

  • This feeling of hurt set in my heart,
    Is beginning to tear my whole world apart...

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Latest Quotes By jennifer leigh

  • When you get old, everything heads south and you get wrinkles and you go grey.. where as personality, its gets better

    12 years ago
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  • Why is it you always return....
    ....when I finally get you out of my life?

    14 years ago
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  • && every time I see you now
    I actually feel my heart break into two

    14 years ago
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